Saturday, December 20, 2008

Holiday Season

I'm sorry that it has been so long since I have last updated. I have just been so busy, and sometimes I just feel like there is nothing to write about.
So for a short catch up, I'm still working at the pharmacy as the delivery driver and a clerk. (I'm there as we speak. Shh..I'm not on the computer.) Second quarter at school just finished. I would have finished with a 4.0 but my english teacher is a nazi (not really) and she gave me a B+. I really wanted an A. Guess I should've read the book we were reading, but it was dumb. Haha.
I'm looking forward to Christmas this year, but not all of the drama and stress that the holidays bring. As some of you may already know my mom and Paul have seperated and are filing when the new year starts. My dad called me yesterday and I wasn't so surprised at the news he had for me. He and Gina have also seperated and are filing. (filing for divorce for all you slow people.) What a Merry Christmas at my house, right? It will fine, it's just going to take some time to get used to everything all over again.
Me, Garrett and my mom will still stay here in St. George in our same house for the time being. My dad is going to move to Salt Lake and stay with his brother until things in his life smooth out. He mentioned moving to Florida (his friend Nick lives there) but he also said a lot of other things, so who knows how true that is. We'll see how that goes. He wants me to go down and help him pack the day after Christmas and the following two days after that. (basically the weekend) but I can't because I work everyday over my break. Yay more money for me! I guess work can get you out of things you don't want to do, like pack. :)
I can't wait for school to start back up again. One semester left and I am done with high school for good! I have really easy classes again. Government, English, Ceramics and Chemistry are on A day and B day is Seminary, Office Aide and then two periods of Work Release. Easy Cheesey Lemon Squeezy. For work release I'm going to try and pick up some more hours at the pharmacy clerking on top of my deliveries. But I'm going to talk to my boss when he gets back about on the job training to get my Pharmacy Technician License. That would be dankk if I could get it why I'm still in high school or soon after.
My plans for college right now are just to stay at Dixie of a year and then possibly transfer. It just depends on the whole Tech thing. If the state won't approve of it, I have thought about going to SUU (Cedar) or USU (Logan) and getting my secondary teaching degree. If the state does approve of me for the Tech position, then I will do that and still go to Dixie and just do my generals and then after my I get my Tech license work at the pharmacy and go to Dixie for my teaching degree. That is my thoughts for my education at this point.
My birthday is in 34 days (January 23) so feel free to buy me a birthday present or donate some moola to my car fund. Yes, I'm buying a car and hopefully soon! Speaking of new cars, my mom just bought a new one. :) It's a 2005 Mercedes 230 Kompressor. It's fire engine red. It is one hot car. It was a very good deal when it was put next to the Camry and Maxima that she was looking at. I really like it :) I'm looking at Civic or Corolla, so if you see one that is a good deal with good miles you should let me know. :)
Well I should probably get back to work. I have to shred and what not. I will try to update more often. :) Loves.

Monday, December 1, 2008

sorry sorry sorry

i'm sorry i haven't updated lately. i've been really busy. but i promise to get on soon and make a really big blog that catches everyone up :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

sitting at josh's house

well i'm sitting at josh's house visiting with his dad. we are talking about high school. ha. i want to be done and he wants to be my age again.
josh's brother jeremy just got here with is fiance, april, so chris (josh's mom) is running around the house showing them stuff she got for the wedding which is this saturday. everyone is just kinda doing their own thing, so i got on the computer to check grades and stuff.
i'm so glad that tomorrow we don't have school or friday! i just want to catch up on my sleep and relax all day! ha. i can't wait to sleep in.
well i'm gonna get back to talking and helping with wedding stuff. i just thought i'd take a minute to check in. i'll blog again later.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Josh is pissing me off

ha. jk. he's just giving me a hard time about the piano.
anyways him and bentley are over and we're helpnig bentley with is homework. what an exciting life i know.
school is only three days this week because it't the end of first quarter! i finished the first quarter of my senior year with a 4.0! scholarship applications are starting to pile up. :) hopefully i'll get some!
i'm looking for a car right now. i have some money saved up and the insurance money from my accident. i'm hoping i'll have one by christmas or soon after!
anyways i'm going to help bentley now. i'll update later plus josh is making fun of blogs and my typing.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

the past 4 days :)

lets see...friday i went to school. nothing really good happened there. i went to work. it wasn't a bad day at all. after work i went over to josh's house. i had to take him his work shirt that he left in bentleys car. josh wasn't home so i talked with his mom and his grandma for a little while. his mom is awesome. his grandma is a little crazy. haha. they made me try some antelope jerky and prickly pear jam. both were good :) then josh got home and we just talked and whatever. watched tv. i had to leave to go get my little brother from the football game. when i got there it was fourth quarter. we were losing like always. but yeah then we left and went home. i texted josh for a while and then went to bed.

saturday was the marathon. it it poured the whole time. it was still fun though. except that i couldn't feel my toes. but we got donuts out of it. um then i went home because josh was painting his car. paige and nick had gotten pizza from costco so i ate some of that and then took a nap! when i woke up i went over to josh's house. we just hung 0ut and whatever. ate dinner. then we went to subway to help his little brother jason help close. i will never think of dough the same after that night! haha. by that time it was almost eleven and my mom called me to come home.

my mom says that his parents probably think i'm an orphan. haha. all well.

sunday was confernce. i went over to paiges house and we had breakfast :) christmas eggs! one of my favorites. then we went home to watch conference. i drew on garretts fett (tradition) but i did it with sharpie. haha. i then fell asleep on the couch. when i woke up i showered and got ready. my mom and paul were off on a drive somewhere so i went to joshs house to see his car! it is so pretty. it looks like a brand new car. it is a pretty red. :) then we just watched tv and whatever. me and jason went down to the gas station and got candy and energy drinks why josh and his dad dirk worked on the car. jacob (this kid that lived with josh for awhile) came over for a little while. we just talked and watched blades of glory. and borat. dumbest movie. haha. then my my mom texted me because I had been gone all day. haha. i can't help that i like to hang out with my friends.

yesterday was monday and i just went to school. it was b day so it was way easy. it went by way fast too so that is good. i went to work and only had four stops. really bad slow slow slow day! it took me like a half hour. haha. today will not be so nice. but then i met josh at subway and we talked to jason for a minute and then we came to my house. he had to meet my mom and paul sometime because my mom wanted too. haha. hanging out with strangers i guess isn't cool with her. haha. but yeah then co and trev came over. we just talked and made these frosty things. i dunno. i kinda wish some people weren't there. haha. anyways my mom likes him and whatever so i guess i can hang out with him...i would even if my mom didn't like him. hahah.

anyways now i'm just sitting in third period. our teacher is gone and i finished the assignment that we are doing today last time in class. bentley got back this morning from washington. i told him not to go because it wouldn't be fun. he didn't believe me but guess what. i was right like always. haha. i'm texting josh and listening to my ipod. being a rebel at school i guess. haha jk. but i'm way bored. i want to go to work early so i can get done earlier and hang out with people! maybe i'll just speed or something. haha. well i'm gonna check the bookings and whatever. i'll update later.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Sitting in Class Bored...

well i'm sitting in desktop publishing and i'm pretty much done with everything and bored out of my mind so why not do some updating?

it has been awhile since i last updated. sorry. life just seems to catch up to you.

school is going really good. i really like most of my classes. everyday after school i go to work at stapley pharmacy. i like it most days.

after work you can find me up at georges, with bentley and josh or just in my room listening to music.

bentley is my best friend. he is gone this weekend to washington so i dunno what i'm gonna do all weekend. probably go to the marathon and do the aide station ad then maybe hang out with josh (bentleys cousin) it't also conference so i might watch some of that...we will see.

my dad is having surgery or his pre-op or whatever on monday. hoping it all goes well. they are taking some of the bones out of his back and replacing it with some type of thing. i'm not really sure. so i thought about going down to vegas to see him if he doesn't come up here this weekend.

i'm hoping that mike and summer will come down this weekend. they've been gone just about a month and i miss them like crazy. they better come visit and soon!

my friend garrett is having his 18th birthday tomorrow so we are having a little something something at his house. i bet it will be lots of fun! :)

sadies is next saturday. the theme is she thinks my tractors sexy. i'm taking my friend chase. i'm sure it will be lots of fun. bentley, josh, co and tiff are also in the group. today after school i'm going to get our sweatshirts all done before i go to work. we are going to carve pumpkins and do some other secret things for our day date. i'll post pictures later after the dance.

the football game tonight is against dixe. we are going to lose but it's supposed to be a really good game so i think i'll go. i invited josh to come. we'll see.

i'm super bored. i had to make this pretty sweet halloween brochure for my class. its freaking sweet. ha. well i'm gonna do other stuff. i'll update more later. peace.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Desktop Publishing

well right now, i'm in my third period class..desktop publishing. hence the title of this post. i finished all my work early today so i get to do whatever i want so why not post a blog?
today has been a pretty good day so far. there is an assembly next and i don't plan on going but that could change based on a boy. haha. but then after chemistry i'll go to work and drive around and then it is the powder puff game! i didn't play cuz i have work and all that so i couldn't make the practices. but the seniors will win. we always do. it's rigged. haha. but hopefully a certain someone will be there. haha.
but homecoming is on saturday and so is elisa's baptism. i haven't been asked but i'm okay with that. so yeah. tomorrow night is movie on the field. i wonder what movie they are going to show. hopefully a good one. haha. well the bell is about to ring so i'll post again later. peace.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Long Long Time

oh my goodness! I hadn't realized how long it had been since I last posted! Like a freaking month! I guess I'm just busy with school and work and whatever else takes up time.
right now, I'm getting over a cold. it pretty much sucks. I just want to go out and play but I feel like crap. Medicine helps that.
Well lets see what has happened since the last time I posted...
I started school. I decided to switch over to the new high school, Desert Hills, because it is closer to home and I'll have more opportunities as a senior there and of course my little brother Garrett goes there!
I have some really easy classes this semester and they are looking easy next semester! (senior year is supposed to be the best, right?) I've made some new friends which is really good, and they keep me going on my bad days. Homecoming (Newcoming) is on Saturday. I haven't been asked and I doubt that I will, but whatever! There is always more dances. :)
I work everyday Mon-Fri at Stapley Pharmacy as the delivery driver. :) (stay off the road. jk I'm a pretty good driver..especially in my boss's car!) anyways so I was working this past Friday and I went into this place (ted warthen which is like out in snow canyon) and when I got pack the car (had not been gone more than three minutes) there was a huge puddle of antifreeze just sitting there. I thought to myself that that is definitely not good. So i called me madre (both brad and Evan were out of town at the time) and she was like uh well can you make it back? so i tried. and so I turned off the a/c duh! and so i was smoking like crazy in the hot car...with the windows down and I'm going like twenty down snow canyon parkway. I felt like a g-ma cuz I NEVER go twenty. anyways smoke starts coming through my vents right (this is the focus not my actual car, thank heavens) and so I pointed them away from me and turned the heater on full blast. that made it even hotter in the car. so i called my mom again to tell her. and this is what she said and I quote "if you see flames pull over and i love you." end quote. thanks a lot mom. but needless to say i made it back to the pharmacy but i stunk like burnt antifreeze and you could hear the radiator or something like crackling. it was bad. all well. so brad and Evan were going to try and get it fixed today, but it's labor day so i don't think that is going to happen. so tomorrow i will be driving my car at work...but that's okay cuz Evan puts gas in it :)
so yeah now I'm just like sitting here trying to get a hold of this kid, but he is being a butt so I guess no fun for him today. he has been sick too, so i figure if we hang out we can't get each other sick cuz we already are or were. haha. well I will try to post more frequently but sometimes i just don't have a lot of time, ya know? haha.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

CaTcH uP tImE!

It's been awhile since my last post. I've just been out of town and so busy that I haven't had the time to sit down and tell about all of it.

I worked at BN all week, and on Friday I went in to get my check and ended up staying there for three and a half hours helping hand out wristbands for the new Stephenie Meyer book Breaking Dawn. It's the fourth and last one in the series and teenage girls go crazy over it! I had one reserved at work, but when I went to Costco today, it was cheaper than it would have been with my discount, so I just got it there!

Evan Stapley called me and offered me the job at the pharmacy. I gratefully accepted the job and my first day is tomorrow. My last day at BN is Friday.

This past Friday my family and I traveled up North to Lagoon for the weekend. We got in late Friday night and just hung out in the hotel room. Saturday we slept in and hit up the Cracker Barrel before heading to the park.

There were lots of people there! (Probably because it was the last weekend to really do anything before school starts!) Mike and Summer were there as well, and so were Summers parents and her two of her younger sibling...Forrest and Bailey. Forrest was so excited to be there because this was the first time that he was big enough to go on all the rides. Corys family was also there. I saw them a few times and talked to them.

I went on Wicked. A rollercoaster....shocking I know. I got sick after and had to make it to the bathroom. Some of it was fun...not the STRAIGHT up and down parts or the upside down but the turns and stuff weren't that bad. We went on Rattlesnake Rapids before leaving the park and I got soaked! Let's not forget that I had on Khaki Capris and I wasn't thinking when I put my underwear on that they had a print on them and were a dark when I got wet you could see everything! So I had to stretch my shirt and tank top down around my butt. Haha.

Garrett went on Wicked one last time before we left, but I didn't want to stand in line drenched. So I just sat and waited. Mike said he would buy me Dippin Dots if I went on a rollercoaster so of course I had to take him up on that offer. So I told him I went on Wicked and he gave me the money for my ice cream. What a great brother huh!

Between my adventure on the rollercoaster and Dippin Dots I was off with Mike and Summer. We met up with her family after they went on a few rides. We went to the drag racing area and watched people drag race. Mike, DJ and Spring all raced. It was fun. We bought these Grandmas cookies that were lemon. They were so good and we had never seen them anywhere before so we ate lots :) oh and the oatmeal ones too. They were both very delicious.

Today on our way home, we had to stop at costco for a few things and that is when I got my book and I'm bummed that I couldn't read it in the car because I get super car sick :( But we also stopped at the Provo Town Center (aka the mall) and I got two pairs of shoes that are super cute and some shirts and a jacket. I love jackets :) They are my favorite! Anyways it was a pretty fun weekend. I need to catch up on some sleep but I'll save that for another night because one of my favorite shows is coming on...and right now they are playing last weeks so I have to wait. All well.

I'm excited for tomorrow but also kinda nervous cause my mom will be watching my every move. eek! cross your fingers for me!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

I <3 2 snap shots

Most of you know that I have a knack for always have my camera with me. If we are being dumb or just having a good time, it's always in my hand or near by. I think I'm wearing my camera out. I'm gettting pretty good at taking pictures that have me in them as well as other people. :) So now I can actually have a few pictures of all know that if you are the one with the camera, then there is never any pictures of you!
I love how photogenic kids are. They are just so care-free about everything. As we get older we try to hide from the camera. We all know its true. So that is why I love taking pictures of kids. Most of the time I don't tell them that I'm taking pictures of them and they just go on doing whatever it was that they were doing and those make the best pictures. But like Emma (below) she noticed I was taking pictures and then she just started to be silly, which is fun. :)
I put up some of the pictures I have taken. I had to put up some of my favorites because I didn't want to use all my picture memory on this thing. All my pictures slow down our computer because there are so many. Haha. Hope you enjoy them!

Logans Eagle Project

Yesterday I went up to Veyo with Cory's family for his brother Logan's Eagle Project. I told them my job would be to "take pictures" so they could count my hours. Haha. The pictures are on four different cameras. Talk about variety. I had to throw some photography skills in there from my class. Haha.
For his project, they fixed up the ball field and the sand volleyball pit at the Veyo City Park. It was hot out but definately not as hot as the STG. (St. George) Plus we got cookies, chips and rootbeer floats so what is better than that?
After the project we drove home and I went to Leavitt's house. We watched tv and then ate Fettucine Alfredo for dinner. One of my personal I told Cory we were staying. Hehe. Anyways that we played 21...aka Black Jack for you table players out there. His mom and dad were trying to teach us how to play at a table. I just try to get to 21. Haha. But if they dealer has a low card you stay or something hoping that they will bust.
Then we just talked for awhile until my mom called so I had to go home. It was almost eleven p.m. and I was worn out but I couldn't fall asleep so I turned on Greys Anatomy (another personal favorite) and I watched that until just after two a.m. That is usually when I go to bed anyways. So yeah that was my day yesterday. Here are some of the pictures from Logan's Eagle.